So, what’s this?

Krumelus Pills (in spanish, Píldoras Crumelus) is the personal blog of éurroB legnÁ and orierraB aíraM, two artists? who live and work together, in Vigo (Spain).
Here we talk about our interests: assemblage, collage, Esperanto, photography… and from time to time we publish some image of the things that we make.

And what about its name?

Krumelus pills are eaten by children who don’t want to grow old, especially Pippi Longstocking and her friends, in Astrid Lindgren’s novels.

When did it begin?

The project began in 2005, as a blog hosted in bitacoras.com (only remains this rest in Internet Archive), continuing in his second stage in April of 2006, already with its own hosting and domain. In 2008 we tried to create an Esperanto version of the blog, but we abandoned both gradually, until we definitively left to publish in October of 2010. You still can visit the old blog here, just as its Esperanto version, through this link.

How is it done?

We use WordPress as a content manager, with the plugin WPML to manage the contents in different languages. The template is a modification of the theme Manifest from Jim Barraud.

Can I use some content from your blog?

When we publish someone else’s images or contents, we do it with their authors’ permission. So if you want to use some of them in your web, we suggest you to contact their authors, through the link that we provide in the corresponding entry. Regarding our own contents, we always publish them under a Creative Commons License; in other words, you can do with them almost what you want, provided that you attribute the work to us, don’t use it for commercial purposes and distribute it under the same license (you have all the details here).